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Binging with Babish: Rachel’s Trifle from Friends


Take a look at the meal I made for GEICO’s(R) Advert Lib Dinner Occasion right here:

For a tastier thanksgiving, try final 12 months’s Associates episode:

The residents of 90 Bedford Road take pleasure in a wealthy number of culinary contributions from roommate Rachel Inexperienced – her conventional English trifle receiving the best acclaim, significantly from Joey and a fortunate passerby chicken. Go forward and do not take pleasure in this meaty, jammy monstrosity this vacation season.


Music: “XXV” by Broke for Free

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  1. Sorry for the audio glitches in this one folks! Edited the episode on a flight from LAX > JFK > ROC last night, barely squeaked out the voice-over this morning! Happy turkey stuff!

  2. Is it weird that I thought he was allergic to bananas? I could of sworn that he said he was in another video..?

  3. You know how he could make his show even better? By having a camera over the pot of food he's working on, so we see his food during the process

  4. “Saucepin”

    Niles Crane approves.

    Saucepins in summer,
    Crêpe pans in fall,
    In the winter time,
    There’ll be food for all.

  5. omg… this whole time i was confused as to why the live audience didnt laugh when she says lady fingers because I thought she meant the vegetable…. till this moment!! Its a name for a biscuit!!! wtf!! equally, why did I think lady fingers would be in a shepards pie recipe lol my world has fallen apart hahaha

  6. Love the videos, thank you for creating all of this great content. Why didn’t you substitute the custard with mashed potatoes?

  7. Hmm, I have a feeling that Rachel's trifle might require most, if not all things sweet, maybe some chocolate that melted enough in a pan that previously has cooked beef, after the chocolate absorbs the meat grease then smashing(or something similar) until it looks like cooked ground beef before assembling all the stuff in the same manner as how Rachel has it. Though, might be wise to do a bit of a taste test of the chocolate to see if it will have a subtle cooked ground beef flavor and sweetness. Another thing, maybe some candy that has the same color and look to the chopped herbs and such.

  8. This would be a good challenge for Gordon Ramsay. Trying to make this monstrosity into something delicious.

  9. Just to clear up, Shepard’s Pie should technically contain Lamb instead of Beef. The pie that contains beef is called ‘cottage pie’. The recipe is pretty much the same; peas, onions, meat, gravy, mashed potato and cheese (optional)

  10. i try this with no raspberries and no sugar and it was awesome and i'm talking about the second dish

  11. omg stop please stop the horror oh i can not eat that even if someone paid me. ps i love the show and the your dish is really good but the first one is just omg

  12. Prepare a crem anglaise with safron, vanilla, and extra butter. Prefrably seasoned with less suger and more salt but notable sweet.
    Prepare a raspberry sause with fresh rasberrys, sugar, lemon juice, champagne vinegar, salt and pepper. It should be sweet sour and very aromatic.
    Mill lady finger cookies mix with salted butter to form a cookie crust. The crust should be light and airy so much less butter than when making graham cracker crust. Use a biscuit cutter to form round and bake in the oven until they have browned and set.
    Prepare a brown beef sauce.
    Cook a fillet minion till medium rare seasoning to taste.
    Prepare blanched carrot and snow peas.
    To plate
    Ladel a small disk of safron crem anglaise onto a side of the plate. Onto the opposing side ladel a smaller disk of rasberry sauce drag a spoon into the rasberry sauce creating an indent place the fillet minion onto the crem anglaise . Add some of the brown sauce over the beef try not spill over the side so the flavor stay separate. Recline the round onto the stake. Place your carrots near the crem. The peas near the rasberry sauce garnish with fresh rasberrys and "platanutres" plantain chips just because the banana has to be there.
    Hopefully the sauces will work like sweeter versions of cream sauce and a vinegrate. Niether should clash to badley with the stake. The brown sauce and vegetables do clash a little with the other two sauces. Finally plantane chips go with everything so that's cool.

  13. one thing that annoys me about that episode with Rachel is a Shepards pie is lamb not beef. Beef is a cottage pie

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