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Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipstick Review + Lip Swatches || Best Drugstore Matte Lipstick?


Swatching the brand new Essence Matt Matt Matt lipsticks! I additionally do a put on take a look at on the finish so you may see how this matte lipstick performs all through the day! At $3.99US are these drugstore lipsticks definitely worth the cash?

01 Pure Kiss
02 Excellent Match
03 Wow Impact
04 Pink Up Your Life
05 Crimson-y Or Not
06 Kiss Me If You Can
07 Purple Energy
08 It is A Assertion

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  1. I have almost every colour now! These are the best. Thank you for always doing the BEST lip swatch videos and honest thorough reviews!

  2. Whenever I wear the Essence mat lipgloss or their lip sticks I find its best to use a lipliner, still transfers but not nearly as much

  3. Watching this video for the 6 time probably, already own number 2 and 3 thanks to this video 😛 Right now I'm looking for the next shade to buy 😛 (Probably number 1 🙂 )
    Love your video's! Xx

  4. I like the shade 02 but Im not the biggest fan of the formula. Does anyone know of a Mac lipstick that's similar to the colour? ❤️

  5. Emily, thanks so much for all these videos and the ones in your books channel!! I've been diving in your dupes videos to see if I could find a dupe for MAC Relentlessly Red. The reason why I don't really feel like buying it is because I already have 2 retro matte MAC lipsticks, Ruby Woo and All fired up (which I've been using the whole summer long!!). When my lips don't want these two to latch, (no matter whether I exfoliate them or not, they seem to be moody and there is no possible way they admit those color on my upper lip!) I use Perfect Red and Bloody Mary from NYX, a brand whose matte lippies I really love. And I would like to know if you can recommend me some dupe from NYX or Wet & Wild or even Maybelline (I think the dupe is All fired up, which is extremely confusing hahaha. The thing is I bought Craving Coral and the pigmentation, not really sure if ti happens only with this specific shade, is really weak and patchy after 30 mins… I can see my natural color showing through) or Essie matte number 04… I would even like a MAC dupe in matte finish (I have some with this finish and I really love them). Thanks a lot in advance!!!

  6. I have 1 and 4; the number 1 is beauty, but is'nt my favorite color, the number 4 is PERFECT; I just love this lipstick and the color is so soooo beautifull.
    Now I must to buy the number 2 or 3, and 6 and 7 👍
    PD: I love your lipstick swatches video. Kisses from Costa Rica

  7. Everytime I search a certain lipstick line, I cross my fingers that you've done a swatch video, and you never fail me. Always comin' in clutch, girl!

  8. The way you changed the shades of lipstick as you were talking had me thinking I was trippin balls , very creative editing 🙂

  9. I cant believe Emily has 300k+ subs only but everybody knows her for sure and her swatches are being used around the world!

  10. After watching your review, I bought almost the whole collection.

    But so sad, my country didn't sell #02,#03 & #05, which I really wanted. Sob sob… ;(

  11. +BeautywithEmilyFox I really like your lipstick swatch videos! No rumbling straight to the point and detail enough to know everything one need to know 😙 Btw I have the no.7 purple power and absolutely love it!!!!

  12. First time ever that I subscribe to a beauty channel.
    You are refreshing and natural ! So weird to find people like you, with so many subscribers and still natural… Love it !

  13. Hi Emily! Whenever I want to check out lipstick swatches, I would always go to your channel coz your just the best youtube makeup guru in doing this stuff. 😉❤️

    Hopefully you'll do lipstick swatches for Jordana matte lipsticks! I think they are pretty awesome yet totally underrated. 😊

  14. are you able to get your hands on the brand kokie? it's new at walmart here in the states. they have lipsticks and liquid lipsticks. they're very reasonably priced. I would love to see you do a lip swatch video on them. 😁😘

  15. You definitely have the best lipswatch videos. Do you happen to have a tutorial on how you do your eyeliner like that?

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