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Gordon Ramsay’s Christmas | 3 Dishes to Prepare in Advance


Christmas generally is a frantic time within the kitchen, so why not make use of the times prematurely to organize some scrumptious Christmas treats? We’ve raided the archives for three Ramsay festive delights – pork, apricot and pistachio stuffing, caramelised cranberry & apple sauce and mint chocolate truffles.

Gordon Ramsay Final Match Meals:
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  1. I'm quite shooked… That's the exact same dark chocolate truffle recipe i use, truffles for Christmas gifts…. The receivers of my truffles, tell me they're amazing!

  2. Suicide – any opinions you have about this fraud have to be "seasoned" by the restaurant owners he has driven to kill themselves… great recipes, though… happy face…

  3. He is very loving with his kids. Love to see positive parenting. Thanks for posting. Happy Christmas!

  4. No one cares about presentation cos it all goes into the same place and it all comes out of the same place

  5. Thank you you are wonderful. Good cooking thank you againg.dont listen nasty people.some people don't deserve to be call people

  6. Super Video. Take your vacation host sport to the next stage with #international #recipes!

  7. Sorry Mr. Gordon Ramsay
    Pistachio is botanically a drupe, the edible portion of which is the seed. The oblong kernel is about 1 inch in length and 1/2 inch in diameter and protected by a thin, ivory-colored, bony shell.
    The for its not a Nut?

  8. How come this foul mouthed little pom gets so much attention from YouTube? Does he have shares, cos that's the only way I can see that they would bother with him?!!!!

  9. Love it! Thank you, Gordon! I am preparing Christmas dinner this year, and needed ideas for extras for my turkey that wouldn't be too Thanksgivingish. This is perfect!!

  10. Gordon Ramsay is so freakin' precious with his kids! The truffles part was my favorite for the family feels and also the food…lol I'm so making those now!

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