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Hannibal S01E07 Sorbet (Dinner with Hannibal Lecter)


Certainly one of Hannibal Lecter’s fabulous dinner events


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Vestibulum nec placerat orci. Mauris vehicula

Vestibulum nec placerat orci. Mauris vehicula,Vestibulum nec placerat orci. Mauris vehicula



  1. Maybe it's the fact that I know all his food is made from humans, or the dark unappetizing color pallet of all the food, but all of this food looks really gross to me.

  2. Would you rather eat the shitty cafeteria food, or whatever Hannibal Lector made for dinner.

  3. I was actually wondering what he was cooking earlier in this episode, as he breaded some type of meat in flour with some herbs. Does anyone know? I'd like to cook the non-cannibal variation. lol

  4. questions, is this show about Hannibal lector and EVERYTHING he cooks is from human? and his "recipes' have animalnames to cover up the fact that he cooks with human meat? also who is that bold guy who fed that one man a part of his brain…? (kind if getting interested in this series)

  5. Would have been funny if he said "… Nothing here is vegetarian, well, apart from the dish name. That is a vegetarian"

  6. What is the name of the song. I'm a german but i hope you can understand me. I hope you can also give me an answer please.

  7. Hannibal: now before we begin you must all be warned…nothing vegetation…bon appetit
    god damn it you made me hungry again…-___-  (make's stake and eats it with some red wine) XD

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