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How stress affects your brain – Madhumita Murgia


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Stress isn’t all the time a nasty factor; it may be useful for a burst of additional power and focus, like once you’re enjoying a aggressive sport or have to talk in public. However when it’s steady, it really begins to vary your mind. Madhumita Murgia exhibits how persistent stress can have an effect on mind measurement, its construction, and the way it features, proper right down to the extent of your genes.

Lesson by Madhumita Murgia, animation by Andrew Zimbelman.


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  1. See I thought I would only watch this while I’m not stressed because I know it will make me stressed about stress. So this ended up on my this watch later for two years and I’m only finally watching it after my a levels.

  2. You have to take into consideration the stress we carry as a society. After all what's been done and the mystery to come Id say smoke a joint and get loose

  3. This video stressed out some 330 people that couldn't take it and had to leave a downvote! Personally I found it useful. Time to avoid some people that cause me nothing but aggravation.

  4. Stress is generally controlling me. But if i control stress before stress control me, i can success all my dreams. Still, this video does not tell us how to fight with stress.

  5. honestly people can move on after being hurt or burned, and cope… whatever… but u know what? the person that hurt the person that hass to cope and work through that hurt, NEVER KNOWS… THE EFFECT THEY HAVE HAD OR IMPACT THAT THAVE HAD ON THAT PERSON… sometimes that hurt isnt recoverable… and if it ever is recoverable the trust is never going to be the ame again,

  6. I remember that about a year ago, I got so stressed that I couldn't walk up the stairs without wheezing. School really be doing that to you.

  7. To all those saying that this video made them more stressed: you are ignoring the last part of the video which mentions that the damage can be reversed by exercise and mindfulness. I am a living testament to this. Just last year I was the most stressed and anxious person I had ever met. Then I started exercising and I also started practicing mindfulness. The latter is an extremely powerful tool. I have practiced and practiced mindfulness, over and over again, ever day. A year later, I'm a different person. I still get stressed sometimes, but I can now easily manage it. Something that used to stress me for days or even weeks, I can now get over in just a few hours. Please do your research on mindfulness. There are thousands of videos here on YouTube, which explain how to do it. It will be difficult at first, but the more you practice, the easier it will become.
    Other things which helped me: I barely use social media anymore, except when I want to keep in touch with friends. I started occupying a lot of my free time with positive activities, like hanging out with friends and family, going for walks, joining clubs, experimenting with new activities (I have recently taken up archery). I am also sticking to a strict schedule of sleep. Sleep is extremely important for stabilizing your mood. I eat more healthy and I'm also eating a lot of probiotic-rich foods like yogurt, kefir and sauerkraut. I take probiotic supplements as well.
    If I can do it, so can anyone else. Good luck 🙂

  8. This goes to show that a good foundation during childhood is necessary. I am done blaming my parents and my childhood bad experiences, but this video proved that what happened to me in the past, when I am supposed to be nurtured both physically and emotionally, is affecting me right now. However, I will strive to do good for me and my future, and hopefully when I am qualified enough, I will use this knowledge to spread awareness and help children or people like me to understand stress and how to deal with it. Thank you Open university, for bringing me to this video.

  9. I almost forgot whether I was scheduled for something as I have a million things going on in my brain as I am sure others may have experienced. When having more than one job or important appointments, I recommend visually creating a schedule.

  10. Well damn yet another downside of being an orphan . . . less cortisol receptors now I'm stressed about that aswell.

  11. It’s sad that I didn’t realize I was stressed out until last year where I had some life changing events occur at once causing me to heighten my anxiety/OCD. I thought I got through it but ever since January I’ve been dealing with tension headaches to the point where it’s gotten to be chronic since I’m still having effects after 3 months :/ I’m doing meditation and drinking magnesium but whenever I feel great, there’s always some sort of physical or mental distraction that pushes me 5 steps back. Haven’t been sleeping well and was getting negative thoughts coming back due to feeling like I’m not getting enough oxygen in my head -__- meditation did help to not overthink but feeling the stress in my head still persists. I’m not sure what else to do so I’m wondering if anyone has advice or has experienced this same thing.

  12. This was very informative! For people stressing about being stressed- exercise! Loved this other ted video about the neurological benefits of exercise!

  13. Does anyone know where I can find a track of the music in this video, it’s very relaxing for some reason

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