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How To Use a Diffuser | Hair Dryer Tutorial


You’ll have seen or heard of a diffuser, however are you aware methods to model your hair utilizing one? Jennifer provides a fast tutorial on the styling merchandise & method she makes use of when blow drying her hair with a diffuser. Watch this How-To video for ideas and tips! Get the hair dryer Jennifer makes use of right here: Get the David Babaii styling merchandise right here: Utilizing a diffuser is less complicated than you suppose!


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  1. I don't understand why people are commenting about the products she is using. Yeah, she's using a few different ones but 1., that's her choice and 2., each product serves a purpose. Some people need something to help with volume or told hold their curls. Leave her alone.

  2. I like to see the different techniques people use. I only use Sebastian Get A Grip, sparingly on my medium-length wavy hair. The fingers on my diffuser are shorter, within the cup. I use medium heat, low speed on my dryer & go over my hair using a circular motion. After it's dry brush out and fluff with my fingers.

  3. Can dudes with straight hair use this for anything? If i can give me curls then it might be fun to see what it would look like

  4.    Her hair is already full of chemicals, she is just going to wet it and add more crap. That's how she gets it full looking, don't be fooled by her video.

  5. Now I know what it is for I'm not gonna use it, I want straight hair not wavy or curly, my hair is like a frizzy afro.

  6. Very nice thank you, but with my hair it doesn't really take that much product to get the result I need, I just needed to learn how to use the diffuser.

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