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Moringa Recipes


Victoria White reveals us the best way to make tea, smoothies, drumsticks and soup from the moringa tree. If you wish to ask Victoria any questions you’ll be able to attain her at: or name her at (520)325-3400. Web page at:


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  1. you cant overeat moringa, it may be powerful, but we eat this like i could eat kilo of it in a couple of days if cooked right, dont discourage people if they want to eat a lot of it. unless youre selling them an ounce of it for a price of an arm and a leg.

  2. Victoria ..♥.. Ur videos are AWESOME !!!! THank u sooo much … for ur wisdom on MORINGA ~~~ I am a THRIVER of stage 4 lung cancer … now going on 8 years since diagnosis .. walked away from all drs and all toxic testing after 3 weeks of their deadly treatments .. I AM sooo incredibly grateful for discovering ,, or GOD leading me to Moringa .. I feel soo amazing taking this … want to get seeds from you to plant some of these beautiful healing trees !!! And the Azomite etc .. for planting … I will have to plant in a big garbage w wheels, like u suggest on another video , so it can be brought in to keep nice and warm.. due to living in colder area… NC …
    AGAIN thank YOU !!! ABUNDANT Blessings to u always ~~

  3. Barbara, where can I order the leaves from? I was going to order the powder later from It's $16.99 for a cannister of powder. I'm not sure how much it weighed. It just popped up online when I was searching.

  4. Victoria, I use Bob's Red Mill or Vitacost brand of gluten-free oats. I am surprised to see Quaker Oats on top of your fridge. Please comment on your opinion of the benefits of gluten free oats as well as flour. It seems to be a health topic that has become an issue with many people. Thanks for this video. I just recommended moringa to a friend, also my daughter, and to someone with health issues on you tube. Moringa sounds like the tree of life. I am so anxious to get it and start using it. I'm waiting for payday so I can order it.

  5. I think one of the other videos has that information, but it's all over the internet, many studies have been done. Look up Victoria's web site. It's all there.

  6. I am trying at the moment what works best for me. Tonight i did trow my moringa in 50 or 60 degrees Celcius water for 2 minutes and than blender it, than put cold water to it. Last days i tried only in cold water. I also will try cook it for 1 minute and rest it for 1 hour and than try it.

  7. Victoria how can someone eat so much moringa stew and not get diarrhea. If you only use 1/2 to 1 teaspoon in tea? I got a headache that lasted a week from eating moringa in a salad and in a punch and in a dip with crakers.

  8. There would be more people starving in America if it was not for welfare and food banks. When that gets cut off, and it will be, you will see millions starving.

  9. Very well presented! The only question I have is in the growing conditions…..what growing zone do you grow it in? I know it likes it warm to bear year round but what about where we have winters? You said you harvested and froze?

  10. i see FILIPINO on you, the way you cooked and eat 🙂
    yeah nutritious food but the bad thing i don't like is a sour taste,. 
    anyway thanks for info from here PHILIPPINES 

  11. I am a little confused about how much moringa we can eat a day. It seems, that we have to be careful, when starting with powder -just 1/4 of teaspoon of it twice a day to bein with. I did, and it was fine, but, when I increased it to 1 teaspoon, I got IBS symptoms again, so I reduced again. My trees are still tiny, so I just eat a small leaflet or two occasionally, so not sure, if fresh would affect me this way.

  12. I put fresh moringa leaves in my omelet. 
    I cook the soup almost the same way but I put chicken in the begining for about 40 minutes, skim out the fat, and add fish sauce instead of the salt. 

  13. Could you please tell me what kind of coconut milk you use. I am looking for a coconut milk without all the fake vitamins put in it. Thank you. I am growing my own Moringa trees. They do well here in Florida.

  14. Thank you for the recipes. I want to grow moringa, but had no idea how to use it. I do two raw meals a day but for my cooked meals I want to eat healthy.

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