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My Top VEGAN Recipes and Top Tips | doyouknowellie


So, I by no means discuss this on my channel however I acquired so many questions on this that I assumed I would attempt to preserve it low key. However these are my favorite Vegan Recipes and my Prime Tip to strive a vegan life-style or if you’re simply curious!

Listed below are the hyperlinks to the recipes:

Candy Potato Chickpea Spinach Curry by The Vegan 8

Sweet Potato, Chickpea and Spinach Coconut Curry

Pad Thai by Lazy Cat Kitchen

Vegan pad thai

Broccoli and Mushroom Stir Fry by Sobremesa

Vegan Burger by Energy and Sunshine

Recipe ReDux #21 Garden Veggie Burgers

Vegan Miso Udon Soup by Produce on Parade

Books to learn in English:
The People di Matt Haig:
On a regular basis di David Levithan:
Causes to remain Alive:
Echo Boy:
We Have been Liars by E. Lockhart:
Extraordinary Means:
All the brilliant Locations:
The Manifesto on Find out how to be Fascinating:
All of us Appeared Up:
Paper Cities:
In search of Alaska:
The Perks of Being a Wallflower:
If I keep:
Eleanor and Park:
The Maze Runner:

What I Used and Use NOW for filming:

Canon 1100D with Equipment lens:
Canon 24-105mm:
Canon 700D:
Canon 50mm 1.4:
Canon 7D mark ii:
Sigma 35mm 1.Four Artwork:

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  1. Hi Ellie, your mastery of English is really very impressive. In terms of fluency you're probably at a native level, but you make some small mistakes with plurals. For example, in most contexts it's simply "protein" not "proteins". I noticed similar mistakes in some of your other videos ("advices" instead of "advice" and "medias" instead of "media"). These are small mistakes, but ones which native speakers don't make. I hope you don't mind me correcting you. Btw, I enjoy watching your old videos in Italian even though I understand maybe 1 in 5 words. You seem like a completely different person in those videos.

  2. Isn't it hard to make traditional Asian cuisine sticking to a vegan diet?
    A lot of Asian dishes use little bits of meats/fish to give it the characteristic flavour, things like dried anchovies, dried shrimp powder, fish extract. Suppose the solution is (as widely used in Asia) MSG! Haha
    But seriously, I think fish is a very key ingredient in Asian cuisine, or at least Chinese, Japanese, Korea, Thai, Vietnamese Malay etc

  3. Se ne hai la possibilità, sarei curiosa di vedere la video ricetta del burger vegano che prepari di solito…sembra buonissimo!
    Ps: nel sentirti parlare è venuta fame anche a me!

  4. Hi Ellie, I have a vegan friend and I need something like eggs to put in my muffins. What can I use?
    Thank you so much, I love your YouTube channel.

  5. i'm currently trying out the vegan lifestyle but i'm not sure whether it will become a permanent. one thing i struggle with is snacks so i was wandering if you had any suggestions

  6. nice video and respect that you speak. i'm "carnivorous" sorry but i don't understand vegan philosophy when eat alternative meat or alternative cheese. there are natural meat or animal substances because to impose something that is vegetable for an animal? i don't understand it.
    scusa per l'inglese tra poco frequenterò un corso serale, ma sto cercando davvero capire il veganesimo, ma a parte per singoli casi di adulti non riesco a capire perchè non mangiare pesce, uova almeno quello, non lo capirò mai. forse sono ottuso io.
    Good bye and i wait for you next video

  7. I love broccoli too! Thank you Ellie for this video, now I'm very hungry and curious to cook some of the dishes that you talked about!

    "Vegetables are your friends, vegetables are like angst" ❤ #memories

  8. Permettimi di dissentire ma è evidente che non hai buone nozioni scientifiche, la vit D non la assumi nel modo più assoluto col sole ! Viene semplicemente modificata a livello cutaneo con un'idrossilazione ma se prima non l'hai assunta per via orale non ci sarai mai vit D a livello cutaneo. Attenzione a diffondere false informazioni 😊

  9. Io vorrei diventare vegetariana o vegana però la mia allenatrice(faccio atletica) dice che devo mangiare per forza la carne , ora le farò vedere il tuo video per farle cambiare idea❤ grazie mille,ti adoro

  10. Ti seguo da un po' e apprezzo tantissimo questi video, essendo vegana 😂 Grazie, cara! Molto interessante! ❤

  11. Great video!! I'm vegetarian and have considered going vegan but I want to make sure I have the time to make the transition properly.

  12. I was having Heinz vegetable soup lol cuz I'm a broke uni student
    I was wondering, Quorn? We don't have that in Italy and I love it!! I think it tastes even better than chicken. I usually use it to make wraps.

  13. I have a question about this… Does your diet have an impact in your social life and relatioships? Like, do your friends/family support your lifestyle? Are there any occasions in which you felt uncomfortable because of it (going in non-vengan restaurants or things like that)?

  14. Elisa non sono ne vegetariano ne vegano ma video come questi li trovo comunque interessanti perchè si scoprono nuove ricette e a me piace la cucina vegetariana e vegana. Mi piace il fatto che non vuoi farci diventare vegani ma soltanto discuterne. Detto questo ognuno mangia quello che vuole e per variare un po le ricette ci sta un po di vegano ma rinunciare definitivamente alla carne mai.

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