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The Science of Depression


What is going on on inside a depressed individual?
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Teen insomnia linked with despair, anxiousness

Bodily health might help forestall younger adolescents’ despair, examine finds


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  1. Why does it seem like everyone in my school has depression. It's either the world is shit AF. But I think it's because the word depression is now lost in context. If say I'm a young girl and I randomly felt sad for a week suddenly they say there are depressed but they are not they are just bummed out

  2. The program has cleared my obstacles [ Check Details here === ] that I was facing.This has given me more desire and drive towards the life that I want. Thanks. Peace and Blessings

  3. Depression is just a hoax spread by psychological doctors..surprisingly you'll only find it in a well fed society.. I've not seen any one depressed when they have nothing to eat nowhere to live or is dying in a war stricken country…it's just imbalance of hormones that's all…just try to live a healthy conscious about your surroundings…try to become a kid again..always enthusiastic, cheerful..try to find happiness..happiness in small things,you'll never get the whole package at once..that's my view 🙂

  4. Did you know that 50 or so years ago, Depression wasn't even on the top trending diseases. Currently it's in the top 10.

  5. As a clinical therapist for the last 10 years, I’ve seen my fair share of depressed patients. And even I, myself, have experienced a time where I was deeply depressed. Depression is like drowning when everyone around you is enjoying the swim. It takes a lot of effort to beat it, however, I’ve found through my many years of experience that natural solutions can be really helpful. Most times even better than prescription medication. For those of you having difficulties with depression, I highly recommend the Destroy Depression system. Written by James Gordon, a major depression sufferer who struggled with his own depression for 2 decades, it teaches 7 natural steps that he implemented to heal himself. It has helped thousands of people, including me. Click on this link to find out more…

  6. Please help by clicking the link below. We all need professional help before it's too late. I would encourage anyone feeling severely depressed and can't get the right help or funding to do the same before it's too late for any of us

  7. I get my depression thru trauma. So sad that I cant socialize to other people, made me anti social they think. Feeling of no interest of life at all. So sad that made me questioning of whats the point of life, why im I still living, maybe Ill suicide.

  8. When people think of Depression, they think *sadness*. But Sadness and Depression are 2 completely different things. Depression is:
    -Being emotionally numb
    -The inability to cry / excessively crying
    -The inability to care
    You truly understand Depression when you can't stand your own presence in a room. You feel extremely lonely, even when you're surrounded by a 100 people. You don't want someone to say "I'll help you" you want someone to say "I understand".

  9. I remember when parents told their kids that believing in Jesus would cure their depression. There's no idea of it.

  10. enemas help tremendously….see Dr Jennifer Daniels much love to you NEVER EVER GIVE UP ON THIS BEAUTIFUL RIDE UPON THE GLOBAL GAMEBOARD

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