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Traditional PLOUGHMAN’S LUNCH – Recipe


This can be a easy, cheap recipe historically served in a British Pub. It’s and glorious accompaniment to English Ale and a simple take-out meal to organize for picnics or journey. For extra recipes see the eddie j chef channel.


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  1. My mum and I put this spin on ploughman's:

    A good bread (artisan, French)
    A good cheese (nimbin cheddar)
    Pickled onions
    Pickled cucumbers
    Sundried tomato

    Absolutely delicious. Might add artichoke too.

  2. Sorry. This is about as quintessentially English as a Doner Kebab. It is a very poor reflection of what the real 'Ploughman's Lunch' is. If one is eating a Ploughman's Lunch, one does not form a Sandwich from the ingredients. Best regards, Luckin.

  3. This is the first video I've ever watched on this channel and I immediately like it better than any other cooking channel on YouTube, mainly because you don't try to put any bullshit annoying act on, you don't try to make it funny or anything, you just show the recipe. I'm subscribing to you sir, and I wish you luck in your future endeavors

  4. I am English. Sorry guys this lunch specifically called the "ploughmans lunch" was cynically invented in 1950 by the cheese industry to sell more cheese after world war 2. Its traditional origin story was mostly a marketing ploy.

  5. Don't know that i could get with the pickled onion thing. I'm not a big onion fan to begin with and having one on a sandwich makes me want to wretch. The other "salad" one looked like something I would try even though it's a little foreign. They both were presented and made well, though. 

  6. Looks great!  I think that I might be able to get pickled onions in the USA from  Love this recipe.  Visited England once 25 years ago and I know that I left a piece of my heart there.  Recipes like this still make me smile till this day.  Thank you. 🙂

  7. Definitly a rush job no pork pie or branstone!Sooner have bread to make a bug salad sandwich!Also crumbly Cheshire cheese!Those mice would have a field day!

  8. A TRADITIONAL ploughman's lunch is ENGLISH and it is of 'a hunk of crusty bread', a large piece of aged cheddar cheese with or without a pickled onion. No egg. No cucumber. No lettuce. It was eaten in the field by the farmer and the farm workers. Nothing fancy yet delicious even today ESPECIALLY if it is not tarted up. Drank with ENGLISH beer.

  9. Hello, You deserve way more views these videos are intresting and relly give me an insight in to cooking never give up.

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