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Your Brain On Coffee


How does the world’s favorite drug truly work?
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  1. guys idk whats wrong with me but i cannot drink coffee my stomach hurts i either get diarrhea or gas… or i wanna vomit then i cannot eat anything

  2. I only have a cup of coffee twice a week (three times if I’m extremely tired) but that way I always feel awake from it and I never feel addicted 🙂

  3. caffeine is a drug, but it isnt a harmful one. It doesnt wreck your brain and Skin in the long term like meth for example

  4. If you quit drinking coffee, do the extra receptors fade away or decay so to say?
    If they don't, wouldn't it mean that you'd feel more and more tired for the rest of your life.

  5. Coke bottles sometimes have more Caffeine than coffee. If you want energy, energy drinks are the way to go.

  6. People stop being ignorant saying coffee doesn't work for me. There are literally thousands and thousands of types of coffee . Find one that works for you. Common Sense…

  7. For those of you saying coffee doesn't do anything for me. TRY STARBUCKS PIKE PLACE BREW. You will Change your mind.

  8. I once tried a coffee by Starbucks called pike place brew. Dam near had a heart attack. I had anxiety and a panic attack. It has 150 mg of caffeine so for those of you saying coffee doesn't get me energized then try pike place

  9. Today was my first time drinking coffee and I’m 14. I am now tired for some reason after 8 hours past by while I was at work at 8:00 am but I was so energetic in the morning and afternoon

  10. I used to drink coffee but then I got bad anxiety. I drank coffee for 2 years. I don't need it I work a full time job and full time school and gym and I'm fine 🙂

  11. Coffee actually has an opposite effect on me -it makes me feel drowsy/sleepy/unfocused and I almost feel out of my body, would anyone have an explanation of this?

  12. There's a better solution than to use coffee:
    Step 1●wake up earlier
    Step 2●turn on the shower
    Step 3●shower in very hot/cold water
    Step 4●Use cleaning products
    Step 5●if that doesn't work slap your self
    Step 6●if that doesn't work put soap in your eyes
    Step 7●feel awake/or stinging in your eyes

  13. AsapSCIENCE, I love the information in your videos and the accompanying images are great, but….. do you think you could either; turn down the volume on the background music, speak more slowly… or both. I'm slightly autistic and both of these aspects are so irritating that it gives me sensory overload and I struggle to even hear what your saying.
    great info, terrible finish on production.

  14. I think that for some sort of cassuals "Your brain on coffee", after all these years passed whit daily 4 to 8 half mug of coffe i feel like no coffeine can effectively work in me, expect the bad side of it Heart rate, addiction, hallucinating
    But most of all i always fckn tired, i swear to god if i stop drink it there i will fell in coma for a decade, but at least and i bet you that my next move would be take a big mug of coffee just to make my mood for the next mug of coffee ^^

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